Dan Basse, President, AgResource Co.

AgResource has found Climate Impact's weather research as invaluable in determining World and US weather trends. Climate Impact has been able to identify potential weather hotspots weeks - and sometimes months in advance by their climate analysis. This has helped our firm to adjust our research to weather anomalies well ahead of our completion in making US and world crop and yield adjustments. Operational forecasts get the weather close to right for the next 10 days, Climate Impact Company allows us to decide if those trends will persist. I highly recommend Climate Impact Company to get the cutting edge long range climate analysis and assessments.

Todd Anderson, Lead Meteorologist, Energy Trading, Dominion Resources

For the last decade, Climate Impact Company has been an integral part of our weather risk management team at Dominion Resources. Scott's keen insight into how tropical connections, soil moisture, and other climate signals impact medium and extended range forecasts keeps the CIC forecasts pointed in the right direction. This has allowed Dominion to remain a step ahead of the market as we manage our fuel supplies and gas transportation as we serve both internal and external customers.

John Richardson, Director - Business Development, Columbia Pipeline Group

I recently transitioned jobs in the energy industry and quickly discovered that one tool that I missed was access to Scott Yuknis and his forecasts offered through Climate Impact Company. Scott offers an in-depth look at what is happening today as well as a detailed synopsis of what he views as the volatile weather triggers that we should watch for in the coming next few weeks. In relation to recent events, Scott was first at highlighting just how cold this January 5-8, 2014 event could be via discussions in relation to stratospheric warming and his resultant forecast of frigid temperatures. This allowed his subscribers to understand the cause and effect of this extreme weather event and enabled them to have preparation time to check system operations and protocols that were in place for these design day events. I have valued access to Climate Impact Company's services (daily/weekly/seasonal temperature & precipitation, hurricane, drought, and extreme event forecasts and analysis) since 2005 and I look forward to many more years of being educated and prepared via this information.