Climate Impact Company, Inc. provides short-term high impact weather event reports, medium-range forecasts with a focus on pattern change and climate forecasts for the U.S. and each continent. Client-specific forecasts including statistical 15-day forecasts for regions of the U.S., 3-week extreme temperature projections and heating/cooling degree day forecasts are issued. Climate Impact Company, Inc. provides a special focus on the tropics including a daily 10-day outlook, medium-range projections of activity and seasonal forecasts not only predicting seasonal activity but where storms are most likely to strike. Climate Impact Company, Inc. is the source for ENSO forecasts, the impact of ENSO and also other leading climate signals such as Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation and Pacific decadal oscillation. Climate Impact Company, Inc. issues U.S. climate forecasts out to 3 months once per week and global climate forecasts once per month.

Products are issued through a secure web site portal and email updates. The fastest process to communicate changes in model output and ongoing storms is via instant messaging. Climate Impact Company, Inc. also provides conference calls for ongoing storms, power point presentations for climate outlooks or aspects of climate. As time allows Scott will travel to deliver presentations to industry events.

The primary goal is to offer our client with a one-stop shopping company that communicates directly with your company on all operational matters affected by weather and climate.

Daily forecasts include...

  • Week 1-3 high impact weather outlook for the U.S. with climate signal forecasts
  • 6-10/11-15/16-20 day forecast
  • 3-week extreme temperature, heat index and wind chill forecast for selected cities
  • Daily feature highlighting an aspect of weather of interest to the markets
  • 10-day tropical outlook

Twice weekly products include...

  • Week 3-5 outlook for the U.S.
  • Selected cities cooling/heating degree day forecasts; population weight cooling/heating degree day forecasts
  • Week 2-4 global outlook

Once per week products include...

  • U.S. month 1-3 climate forecast
  • ENSO diagnostics report
  • Soil moisture outlook

Monthly products include...

  • U.S. seasonal climate forecasts
  • Global seasonal climate forecast
  • ENSO, AMO and PDO forecast
  • U.S. and global Soil moisture outlook

Client-specific specialized climate forecasts are also provided.