The Climate Impact Company Advantages

Each day executives, risk managers, traders and operations specialists within the energy and agriculture sectors are faced with decision-making influenced by weather and climate. Climate Impact Company is the one-stop shopping provider to address all of your risk management needs affected by severe weather, adverse cold and heat, tropical cyclones and long-standing climate issues such as drought and flooding.
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Forecast Services and Capabilities

Climate Impact Company provides client-specific products based on a unique forecast process delivered in a user-friendly format. Products cover short-term high impact weather, medium-range forecasts addressing pattern change and extended-range outlooks from 2-4 weeks to the seasons ahead.
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Who Uses Climate Impact Company, Inc. Forecasts?

Users of Climate Impact Company information include commodity traders, risk managers and operations specialists. Clients include some of the world's largest banks, large and small energy companies and agribusiness. Climate Impact Company works for many meteorologists within the business sector.
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For the last decade, Climate Impact Company has been an integral part of our weather risk management team at Dominion Resources. Scott's keen insight into how tropical connections, soil moisture, and other climate signals impact medium and extended range forecasts keeps the CIC forecasts pointed in the right direction. This has allowed Dominion to remain a step ahead of the market as we manage our fuel supplies and gas transportation as we serve both internal and external customers.
Todd Anderson, Lead Meteorologist, Energy Trading, Dominion Resources
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