Photo of Scott Yuknis ABOUT Climate Impact Company, Inc.

Climate Impact Company, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Scott A. Yuknis who remains the company president and chief meteorologist. Climate Impact Company, Inc. exists to provide the best weather and climate forecast information available for business risk assessment primarily for the energy and agriculture sectors. Predictions are based on the best weather and climate models and in-house prediction processes and formatted to fit user requirements via our web site, email, instant messaging and conference calls. The goal is always to provide the best and most timely forecast with updates provided immediately as conditions change. Climate Impact Company, Inc. specialty is medium-range and climate forecasts. Medium-range forecasts are keyed upon pattern change and our climate forecasts are the best in industry. Our users include many of the top global energy and agriculture firms.

ABOUT Scott A. Yuknis

Scott A. Yuknis is the owner and founder of Climate Impact Company, Inc. located in the heart of Cranberry Country in southeast Massachusetts. A leader in climate assessment and prediction, Climate Impact Company is known for reliable and accurate climate forecasts. The company turns ten years old this May.

Back in 1982-83, the strongest El Nino in history caused devastating global climate change. Scott was based in Hawaii, working as an aviation weather forecaster and ocean analyst for the U.S. Navy and became directly involved with observing and forecasting the dramatic changes in the weather caused by this event. The 1982-83 El Nino completely changed how governments, academia and the military provided climate forecasting and ultimately changed Scott's career path in that direction.

After studying meteorology at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Scott began his career in private sector meteorology at Weather Services Corporation in Bedford, MA. As an operational meteorologist Scott provided forecasts for nearly every energy company in the U.S. He also provided forecasts and educational material for many of the nation's newspapers including USA Today.

The scientific community spent nearly 10 years constructing the modeling to make climate forecasts and in the mid-1990s, NOAA launched the long-lead climate forecast program. Scott was one of the first private sector meteorologists to value-add this product into a more useable format for major energy sector companies in the U.S.,
such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and Southern Company.

The list of those using Scott's forecasts grew over the next 10 years, expanding to include both energy and agriculture sectors. Scott was directly involved with improved methodologies to climate forecasting including use of soil moisture and snow cover as important predictors. Armed with better forecasts and improved products, Scott set out to present his experience and findings as a climate forecaster to 35 conferences between 1999 and 2004.

Building on his 20 years of experience in private sector meteorology, Scott started Climate Impact Company in 2004. He continues to provide medium and long-range climate forecasts for a large group of energy and agriculture users including some the worlds' leading financial institutions, energy companies, media outlets and a wide reach in agricultural.